TNF Preview: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

For the second time in three weeks, two of the worst teams in football will play each other. But this time around, it’s in primetime baby! The hapless Texans take on the Jaguars, winners of two straight, on Thursday Night Football. Let’s preview this scrap-heap.

(2-10) Houston Texans at
(3-9) Jacksonville Jaguars

Let’s just say it: the Jaguars stink. They’re in the 20’s (or lower) in all four offensive/defensive yardage categories and rank dead last in points per game. There’s almost nothing redeemable about this team anymore. Their best receiver (Justin Blackmon) is suspended indefinitely for substance abuse issues. Their former All Pro running back Maurice Jones-Drew is aging and is only averaging 3.2 yards a carry this season. Their rookie left tackle, 2013 2nd overall pick Luke Joeckel is out for the season. Their defense is on the field WAY too much. Chad Henne is their starting quarterback. Need I say more?

While the Jaguars were expected to be terrible, the Texans had other aspirations. But QB Matt Schaub sucked so hard that Case Keenum is now taking the snaps for this team, but he’s not getting much help either. The Texans have lost ten games in a row, most of which were close(r) games that fell apart due to timely errors. The Texan defense gives up too many rushing yards per game, but they’re the second-ranked pass defense in football. Their mediocre offense leaves a lot to be desired, even with Andre Johnson picking his game back up and rookie DeAndre Hopkins filling in the number two receiver role nicely. The Texans suck too.

Why you should give a crap:

Laugh and Fall over


You really shouldn’t. Unless you like watching crappy football or are extremely interested in watching two teams fight it out for the right NOT to pick number one in the 2014 Draft, this game isn’t for you. (I’m guilty on both counts. It’s sick.) In that case, go enjoy spending time doing ANYTHING ELSE.