TNF Preview: Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins

A Halloween edition of Thursday Night Football? Yes, please! The surging Bengals. fresh off a trouncing of the Jets, head south to take on the Dolphins, who are 0-4 in their last four games. Let the horror begin!


(6-2) Cincinnati Bengals at
(3-4) Miami Dolphins

Andy Dalton is playing the best football of his career. He’s had three straight 300 yard games and he tossed five touchdowns in his last appearance. And now there are reports that he’s starting to silence doubters inside the Bengal organization. See everyone? This is what happens when you surround a good quarterback with GREAT weapons! Two tight ends in Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert support receivers A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu, Brandon Tate, and rookie Marvin Jones, who caught four Tee Diddy’s last weekend. Cincy’s defense has given up some yards, but they’ve allowed the fifth fewest points this season.

All that said, Dalton’s still a ginger. Sorry. It’s true.

But let’s talk about these Dolphins, shall we? Ryan Tannehill has gotten the crap kicked out of him this year. His offensive line has done him no favors, letting him get sacked 32 times already. That stinks. And Mike Wallace has been a veritable ghost on offense, averaging a bit over 50 yards receiving a game. And did I mention their running game is below average too? This offense has issues, and now we’re hearing that players are upset with OC Mike Sherman. Whoops. At least the defense is okay. (Actually, it’s below average too.)

Why you should give a crap:

In the third quarter when Cincy has a two touchdown lead, there’s going to be an abundance of shots of terrible costumes and lame outfits. (So you know, it’s like coverage of any NFL game that turns into a blow-out.) In related news, the Miami offensive line will be dressed up like competent football players. I’m just not sure they’ll stay in character all night.




So enjoy the game and eat some candy. It’s Halloween. You’re allowed.