The (Music) Video Store: Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”

Here are Mostly Average Joe, we’re (I’m) all about the pop. ALL. ABOUT. IT. So when T-Swizzle planted the video for “Shake It Off” on us (me), we (I) watched. And we (I) loved it. Come love it with us (me)!

This video is just effing adorable.

– Doesn’t it sorta defeats the purpose of “shaking off” the liars, haters, fakers, and heartbreakers if you’re just going to write a song about how much you don’t care about them? I guess as long as it’s SUPER HELLA-CATCHY, I don’t care.

– I can’t decide which of her various “selves” is my favorite. Ribbon Dancer Taylor? Or the Classically Bitchy Cheerleader Taylor? How about Crazily Skinny-Legged Ballerina Taylor? (Seriously, that girl is thin. Not shaming her in any way, but she’s practically the poster child for tall and awkward.) Maybe it’s Urban Street Dancer Taylor? Certainly Kitten-Sweater Pre-Dance Class Taylor is cute? Or Spacetro Gaga Taylor? It might be Big-Glassed Finger-Dancer Taylor. Wait, I’m pretty sure my favorite is High-Waisted Jort Taylor.

Taylor Swift-shake-it-off Jort

Yep, this is my favorite moment.

-That last sequence of her dancing in the midst of fans/extras just looks like it was the most fun thing to shoot ever. I’m convinced Taylor Swift is the awkwardly fun girl next door that loves to dance terribly and bake Snickerdoodles for your party. I’d want to have her in my kitchen to bake cookies, only we’d make only 3/4 of the batch because we’d be too easy eating spoonfuls of dough while wearing aprons covered in flour.

Renner Weird

Hey, my T-Swizzle Fantasy, my rules.

I mean, did you hear about her private listening parties with a few select fans? She sounds like everything I want my pop stars to be. Ya know, as in not terrible people.

-On a musical note, I’m way more into McSwifty now than I used to be. If she’s making the full-blown move to pop music as has been rumored, then I’m totally along for the ride, especially if this is an example of how she’ll sound. All the haters can step off.

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