The (Music) Video Store: Katy Perry’s “Roar”

I knew it was coming as soon as I heard the song. There was going to be some awesome Katy Perry music video with either a jungle or a sports theme to go along with “Roar.” Well, Katy dropped the video today, and it’s all the prior.

(Pardon what is a terrible ad for some dance movie that may precede the video.)

We’ve got pretty sets, colorful outfits, sexy shower scenes, real (and fake) animals, super-roar-powers, and a man getting attacked by a tiger. What the hell else do you want? Katy’s always about having fun in her videos, and this one is no exception. SHE WAS TAKING SELFIES WITH A MONKEY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. It was adorable. Were there too many shots of Katy in a power stance pretend roaring? Mayb- NO. NEVER.

If you like enjoying things that are goofy, this video is for you. If you don’t, continue being a douche somewhere.


More please.


***Quick addendum: Can someone better than I photoshop the above picture, making Katy Wonder Woman? Pretty sure that would be my favorite thing ever. You’d get something. I’ll figure out what it is.