The (Movie) Trailer Park: Horrible Bosses 2

Tuesday (while I was busy watching the baseballI), a glorious new trailer hit the interwebs just in time for the celebration of ‘Merica. Please join me now in watching this short but oh-so-sweet morsel of a trailer.

Mostly Average Take:

I had forgotten this was in production! This trailer was the movie equivalent of finding a random $20 in that jacket you haven’t worn for nine months. Here’s the run-down:

-It looks like the boys are kidnapping Cristoph Waltz this time around. Score.

-Chris Pine appears to be playing a douchebag, who may be a criminal. Double score.

Horrible Bosses 2

-Jennifer Aniston is back to being hilariously over-the-top filthy. (HB1 was one of her best roles, in my opinion.)

-Kevin Spacey! IN JAIL.

-Why are we still asking MotherFucka Jones (Jamie Foxx) for advice? Wait, I don’t care. It’s hilarious.

-Jason Sukeikis, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day are all back. I’m not sure I need to hear anything else. I was such a fan of the first movie and this trailer does nothing to undermine that love. If only they can find some way to bring Colin Farrell back, I’ll be happy. (Even if his character has no earthly way of being in the movie.)

What do you think? Are you back in for Horrible Bosses 2 (Electric Boogaloo)?