The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing to Prove” Promotes Inter-gender Nerd-Relations

Geekdom has long been the defacto domain of men. Not because we didn’t want girls around, it’s just that we really thought you weren’t interested. (We’re an easily confused sex.) But that BS has changed dramatically over the least 20 years, with a confluence of females meeting at various properties across the nerdical spectrum. This should be a happy occasion for everyone, right?

Wrong. These nerd-girls don’t always feel accepted by their male counter-parts. Which is a f*cking crime and a half, because nerdery is supposed to be about welcoming everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation, skin pigmentation, or need for corrective lenses. So sister duo The Doubleclicks have taken it upon themselves to write “Nothing to Prove,” which sticks up for all the downtrodden feminine brethren. They’re helped by countless nerds of all races, sizes, ages, genders, and celebrity status.

And it’s freaking amazing.



Judge Nerdd is ALL about nerdy-equality. And he is THE LAW. So when you’re about to put down a lady because she doesn’t know as much about Dungeons and Dragons as you do, remember what Wil Wheaton says and “don’t be a dick.”