Episode 069: Nice.

Joe and Kurt are back to recap the weekend’s NXT Takeover and MITB events! Was this weekend…better than ‘Mania weekend? And they break down the matches and stories from this week’s Raw and SD Live.

Episode 068: Taking Over to the… Banks?

Joe and Kurt are back! This week they spend as much time as they can oogling Saturday’s NXT Takeover card. Then they turn their attention to Sunday’s Money on the Bank PPV and break down the odds for both briefcase battles!

Episode 067: Best of the Worst

Joe and Kurt are back! This week is all about Cass’ long-winded promo on Smackdown Live, Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor, and Bobby Lashey’s non-character. Also, they debut a new segment this week!

Episode 066: Backer Than Ever

After losing weeks of shows to technical issues, Joe and Kurt are back! It’s time to talk about this week’s Women’s gauntlet match and the SD triple threat, which finalized the MITB matches. And they introduce a new segment, The Gimmick Market!