Episode 088: Turn, Turn, Turn

They’re back at it! Joe and Kurt try to get thru this week in WWE without falling asleep. From heel and face turns to WWE putting together teams right AFTER Survivor Series, all the way to the Dynamite Kid and the worst finishers in WWE. All over the map, baby!

Episode 087: Saving the Best for Last

Joe and Kurt are finally back! They save War Games for the end of the show, meaning they get to start off with the “sweep” that was Survivor Series. Did WWE actually do anything as a result of this show?

Episode 086: Pre-PPV Craziness

Joe and Kurt are here to break down the INSANE week in the WWE, and we didn’t even have a PPV to recap… yet. They discuss Becky Lynch’s injury and Nia’s culpability, as well as the title change on Smackdown Live. That’s all before previewing the weekend’s NXT Takeover: War Games and Survivor Series. Stay…

Episode 085: Three Minutes of BUTT

Joe and Kurt are back, and SO much has happened since they last had a show. Evolution! ….Crown…Jewel… and hey, Survivor Series is coming! We recap those PPV’s and set the table for the next few weeks of WWE action.

Episode 084: Wrestling Gets Real

They’re baaaack! After losing last week’s show to the recording gods, Joe and Kurt round through the biggest news of the week, starting with the return of Roman Reigns’ leukemia and his exit from the active WWE roster. They examine where this takes us from here, and what it means for those left on RAW.…

Episode 082: Super Old-Down

Joe and Kurt are here to give their steamy hot takes regarding Australia’s awkwardly hyphenated Super Show-Down PPV event. Also on the show this week: injuries to MMC competitors, the build to Evolution, WWE 2K19, and the premiere of NXT UK! BREAK IT DOWN.

Episode 080: Dude Among Men

It’s time for more Cookie Sheets to the skull! Joe and Kurt debate Braun Strowman’s current incarnation and whether the big man is what he once was. But they both agree on the amazingness of R-Truth. That and more! Download, please.

Episode 079: Screwdriver with a Twist

Oooooo man! Joe and Kurt are back this week and they’re breaking down all the action from Sunday’s HIAC PPV.  But really they focus on an amazing episode of the Mae Young Classic. They also gear up for the Super Showdown and the newly announced Crown Jewel event.

Episode 078: Oh Hey, Hell in a Cell is This Weekend

Joe and Kurt are back baby! This week they recount the glorious evening that was ALL IN. Then they break down the happenings of the past two weeks in WWE, including Renee’s permanent move to Raw, new Tag Champs, and the Mae Young Classic. Then they preview this weekend’s HIAC PPV!