Episode 219: More Vince, More Lawsuits

Joe and Kurt are back this week! They start off with the tragic news of Jay Briscoe’s death and what the Briscoes have meant to modern tag team wrestling. Then it’s onto WWE’s lawsuits, Royal Rumble, and RAW is XXX.

Episode 217: 2022, What a Year

This week is all about a look back at 2022! The idiots dish on their favorite matches, PPV’s, best / worst moments, and more! All this before looking at what they want to see in 2023!

Episode 212: But First, Drama

Joe and Kurt are back this week! On the docket first is an update on Hangman Page and the Elite / CM Punk scuffle. Then it’s a detour into a discussion of problematic wrestlers as well as the PWI Women’s Top 150 rankings.

Episode 211: The MOST WWE

Joe and Kurt need to talk about that ending to Extreme Rules. What does this mean for Bray Wyatt? Who else came back to WWE Monday night? And WTF is up with Bryan Danielson losing in AEW so much?