Episode 246: Crikey Chamber

Joe and Kurt are back just in time to preview this weekend’s Elimination Chamber event in Perth, Australia. Who will be there? What implications will it have for Wrestlemania? …What time will this thing even start?

Episode 245: Grumpy Emergency Pod

Well, Joe and Kurt thought they knew what the Wrestlemania matches were going to be. But an injury in the Rumble and a surprise on Friday night Smackdown apparently has derailed those plans. Now Joe needs to get some angst out of his system.

Episode 244: Please Get to the Rumble

Joe and Kurt are desperate to talk about this weekend’s Royal Rumble, but first they need to discuss the bombshell lawsuit that dropped today against Vince McMahon. What does TKO do from here? Then it’s onto the Rumble odds for the men and women, and how this will play into ‘Mania season.

Episode 242: Joe Makes a Bet

In this episode, Joe laments the loss of Chelsea Green’s tag team titles. Then he asks Kurt what the heck is going on in NXT with this Dragunov / Ride Holland storyline.


Joe and Kurt are back! This week is all about the AEW Continental Classic, fallout from Full Gear, Survivor Series, and missing the old tag matches it used to feature. And that’s it. There’s nothing else notable to discuss.

Episode 240: Too Much Max?

Joe and Kurt are back, and this show starts off all about this weekend’s Full Gear PPV and the ramifications of the main event. Then it’s onto who the new mystery signing in AEW will be, before talking some WWE Survivor Series War Games matches.

Episode 238: Sting Says the Word

Joe and Kurt are back! This week they discuss the results and fallout of WWE Fastlane, before veering into AEW and Sting’s big announcement. Then it’s about the surprises of the PWI Women’s top 250, and then… NWA news?