Notable Cuts from Around the National Football League

Saturday was the day of final cuts before the first week of the regular season begins, and there isn’t a lack of notoriety on this year’s chopping block. I’m here to run through some of the more high-profile releases.

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers

QB Vince Young, Packers

Young has been erratic his entire career (in spite of a healthy W-L record), so he’s not really “back-up material.” This move left Green Bay with only B.J. Coleman backing up Aaron Rodgers. Uh… yeah. Wasn’t gonna happen. The interesting part of this is that the Pack claimed Scott Tolzien off waivers from the 49ers… who just happen to be their week one opponent. And the team that kicked them out of the playoffs last season. I’m not shocked by this maneuver in the slightest.

QB Jimmy Clausen, Panthers

Let’s face it, Clausen was on the cut list ever since the Panthers drafted Cam Newton number one overall in the following season’s draft. Clausen should catch on as a back-up somewhere else.

OL Danny Watkins, Eagles

This 2010 first round pick never solidified his position on an offensive line that certainly had its struggles. He was a great story (28 year old ex-firefighter), but not a great player.

CB Antoine Winfield, Seahawks

This is how loaded the Seahawks’ roster is. A few seasons ago, Winfield was “the best tackling corner in football.” Now he’s without a team. Even with his release, the Seahawks’ secondary is formidable.

QB Dennis Dixon, Eagles

And this clears up the veritable logjam of quarterbacks on Philly’s depth chart. Dixon’s always been a lukewarm commodity, but has never developed the way anyone hoped.

WR Robert Meachem, Chargers

Meachem has shown nothing since leaving the Saints in free agency. His release comes with a cap hit of $6.875 million. Which is uh… a lot. Meachem doesn’t even need to play football this year. That man is now getting paid to do NOTHING.



TE Tony Moeaki, Chiefs

Moeaki has a glut of talent, once one of the key offensive playmakers for Kansas City. But his inability to stay healthy and on the field is the reason for his release.

WR Chris Harper, Seahawks

Percy Harvin is starting the year on the PUP list, and the Seahawks STILL cut a 2013 fourth round pick. Damn it must be nice to have all that talent.

QB Thaddeus Lewis, Bills

This release fascinates me because the Bills now only have two quarterbacks on their roster. And they’re both rookies. The Bills traded linebacker Chris White to get Lewis’ services, but now he’s on the street as well.

QB David Carr, Giants

Curtis Painter is now backing up another Manning. WTF world.

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QB Greg McElroy, Jets

Huh. Well, this must mean the Jets really like Matt Simms as a third-string QB. I’m not actually sure what that says about Simms from a talent perspective though. Because this Jets organization hasn’t shown me (or anyone else) that they know diddly about quarterbacks.

QB/FB/TE/WWJD Tim Tebow, Patriots

This is news because Tebow’s a name. Not a good football player, mind you. But a name. He’s just not a quarterback, since ya know, he can’t throw accurately. I don’t think he can play fullback OR tight end, because I’ve NEVER SEEN HIM BLOCK ANYBODY. Anyone saying he should be a fullback needs to realize that a fullback has to do more than just run if he’s going to earn a roster spot. He has to have the ability to clear out defenders on lead blocks. Teebs hasn’t given me that impression. And now we wait for the inevitable CFL debut.


Did I miss anyone else significant? Is there a player’s release on which you’d like commentary? (Check out THAT GRAMMAR beotches.) Let me know below and I’ll update the list!