GTA V Special Edition for PS3 Re-Available at

Hello fellow gamers and special edition whores!


As I kept re-checking and weighing the pros and cons of spending $150 on Gamestop’s exclusive edition of GTA V, I came across an interesting sight: the normal special edition, which had been sold out for some time (I know, because I was PO’D that I missed out on it), was back in stock! Of course, I pre-ordered it right away. (Saving the $70 was worth it to me.) Now that I have mine, I wanted to share that information with the masses!

Click this friendly link and get that shiznit in your cart! Don’t say I never helped ya out. Or are you still going to pick-up the exclusive version, with the Los Santos hat, safety deposit bag, and instant in-game garage? Or do you not care about special editions at all and are just going to get the regular edition? Let me know below!

Game on!