Gameday Preview: Chicago Bears vs Bye Week

The Chicago Bears may face their toughest opponent yet in week eight. The always capable Bye Week is in town. How can Marc Trestman prepare his team? Let’s get into it with this Gameday Preview!

(4-3) Chicago Bears vs
(0-0-18,935) Bye Week

The Bye Week is a formidable opponent, as it’s never lost a game. It’s also never won a game, but that doesn’t mean the Chicago Bears can let their guard down. There’s a chill in the air this bye week, so the proper defense of any Bear player is to just not get out of the bed on Sunday morning. But what if things need to be done? Like, spending time with their girlfriends? Or worse, their wife and KIDS? Shit, this Bye Week is intense. How can the Bears defend against it? And certainly there are movies to be seen on the Bye Week as well, but when can the time be found? Do they see an early showing and save their nights for possible double-dates with teammates? Or even crazier, do they risk the flight out of town to a tropical locale?

Wait… vacation? This Bye Week sounds pretty okay to me.

The Odds

The Bears are a 3 point home favorite.

The Prediction

I don’t like those odds. I’ll take the Bye Week to cover. (What? It’s tricky!)

How many heart attacks will Joe suffer?

Shit gurl, Imma be blanketed up with some hot chocolate and all the NFL Redzone I can muster. I will be the picture of relaxation without a Bears game to draw my emotions out.


Okay, maybe not as relaxed as this squirrel, but you get the idea.

Message to the Bears

If you’re actually reading this… you should probably stop being on the internet so much. Dangers of the Bye Week continue!


Thanks for reading Bear fans! Enjoy your week without game-related stress. Bear Down and Happy Jay Cutler Day!

Bye Week