Dead Rising 3 Trailer Will Elicit Zombie Killer’s Squees

There is a new trailer for Dead Rising 3. Now, I played DR2 for the PS3 and really never did much more than tear through the mall, slapping zombies with a baseball bat along the way. So when DR3 was announced, I was tepid in my reaction.

But not after this trailer.



Obviously there’s going to be a continued/increased focus on crafting your own weaponry, as judged from the saw+sledgehammer combo and the moto-flameroller Nick manages to whip up. But the real interesting piece of this trailer came from the inclusion of Annie, who would seem to be at the very least a capable companion for Nick, if not an eventual playable character.

I’m a little miffed about it being an Xbox One launch exclusive (as its being published by Microsoft Studios), but I can deal.

*Watches Trailer Again*

Shit. No I can’t.


Dead Rising 3 is scheduled to be released in November, alongside the launch of the Xbox One.