2013 NFL Preseason Preview: San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears

After failing to set the world on fire versus the Panthers, the Chicago Bears continue their preseason with a home stand against the visiting San Diego Chargers. I’m skipping the pleasantries. You know how this works by now. Also, it’s preseason. I’m not wasting the A-material yet. Here’s what to watch for tonight as you anxiously await the weekend.


I Need to See the O’s “OH” Face

I apologize profusely for that title. (That’s a lie.) Trestman’s first team offense failed to get into any sort of rhythm last week, which led to more Jay-Bashing this week in the media. (I’m looking at you Rick Telander. Dick Telander is more like it.)  This week we’ll see improvement on the outside, with Brandon Marshall back in the line-up. With him firmly slotted at the one spot, the Bear offense will look more like itself. (But still without a concussed Earl Bennett.) So getting a touchdown/field goal/several first downs in the quarter or so they’ll be available would be nice. Not necessary mind you, but nice.


Last Chance to get Webb’d?

It’s coming. J’Marcus Webb’s right tackle spot in the starting line-up is being filled by rookie Jordan Mills tonight. Webb will see action with the second team unit at left tackle, where he played last year. Marc Trestman has said Webb needs to show his versatility in order to be one of “the final eight” linemen. It’s funny. He wants Webb to prove he can play more than one position and I want Webb to prove he can play ONE. I’m fully expecting Webb to be cut following the third preseason game.


Mayhaps a Running Play?

Chicago threw the ball on 70% of their offensive snaps last week. I mean, that’s high by Andy Reid standards. This week we should see a few more hand-offs to Matt Forte and Michael Bush, just so the ground work gets laid for the regular season. Still, there’s no need to get crazy. Why risk injury to key players by sending them up the middle into a slew of defenders? Save that for week one, yo.


Fuck Philip Rivers.

No, that’s not a witty section header. It’s just how I feel about that douchebag.


Yeah. That douchebag.


For those of you who worry about such things, I won’t be online to live-tweet the game tonight. Rifftrax Live is calling my name. Starship Troopers won’t make fun of itself! But you can rest assured I’ll be firing up the DVR when I get home and sifting through the fake football rubble so I can write up a patently snarky review.

Enjoy the game! Bear Down and Happy Jay Cutler Day!