The (Music) Video Store: Ylvis: “The Fox”

At some point during my crazy-long writing session today, a flurry of activity came across my Facebook feed, all referring to the awesomeness that is the below video. I’ll let you judge for yourself.


I mean, sure. That’s cool. I have no idea what I just watched, but it’s not the first time that’s happened. There’s a creepy old guy reading stories to a way too calm kid. Flying men in fox costumes with X-Files flashlights appear. And there’s a fox who… uh… scats? My head hurts with crazy funnies.

For those of you that aren’t willing to go through a Googling to discover the source, click for this Wikipedia entry on Ylvis, two brothers that form a variety/comedy group.

But just remember to ask yourself:

YLvis 2maxresdefault

Don’t actually ask that. You’ll go insane. Clearly. See above picture for evidence.