The (Music) Video Store: Meg Myers’s “Lemon Eyes”

What’s this? I’m writing two posts within a week of each other? SHEER MADESS. Anyways, welcome back. I’m here to present you the latest video for Meg Meyers. A rising star on the alternative rock / dark pop scene, Myers has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Watch the video for “Lemon Eyes” and you’ll see why.

Mostly Average Take:

– Meet Meg. She sings, give great crazy eyes, and only wears crop tops. I’m pretty serious about that too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video/picture of her where there isn’t midriff involved. She must be allergic to whole shirts. She’s known for some pretty intense / unsettling videos. I mean. watch her get assaulted with stuffed animals and see how it makes you feel.

– I still have no idea what the hell having “lemon eyes” means. Someone give me the definition.

– This looks to be the dustiest shoot ever. Way to find the middle of nowhere for this video. Also, that trailer is perfect… if you’re crazy. Does that swing outside scare the hell out of anyone else? No? Just me? Okay.

Lemon Eyes2


– She has the oddest mini-mart choices. Tuna. A large ass bottle of Heinz relish. And that’s all I can make out from the brief glimpses. Okay, so maybe they’re not all strange. But I am bothered by that giant thing of relish. Really? Who lives off that?

– DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT END TWIST COMING? It’s the M. Night Shamylan adjacent of music videos. HE WAS ASLEEP THE WHOLE TIME.

“Lemon Eyes” is the newest single from Meg Myers’ album Sorry, out now on iTunes and Amazon music.