The (Music) Video Store: Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do”

Ever since I heard it on my first listen-through of Prism, I knew that “This is How We Do” would be Katy’s next party girl anthem. After videos for “Roar,” “Unconditionally,” and “Dark Horse,” (and some not-quite-video for “Birthday“), that anthem now has its own equally ridiculous music video. Let’s watch it together in astonished adoration.

Mostly Average Take:

-WTF JUST HAPPENED. That was almost a literal translation of every lyric in the song. She’s just in different “scenes” and outfits with her two friends/lady back-up dancers while her male back-up’s dance in Pee-Wee Herman outfits? Whatever the talent can’t physically represent, there are cartoons! It’s like Katy P hooked up with the snacks from the “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” cinema reel. I felt like it was a sensory overload.

-I think it also might be a commercial for Target. Sources can’t confirm.

-There are some offensive moments and imagery, especially when Katy tries to act/look black. Ya know. Cornrows and “deuce-chucking” and what-not. And the watermelon. Eep. But I’m white, HOW CAN I KNOW FOR SURE?

-If you didn’t notice, This is No Big Deal.

-We all caught that cartoon ice cream thing twerking at the end, right? That didn’t scar me at all.


Honestly, the video’s just super fun. It’s not deep or anything remotely close to that description. It’s more cotton candy for the pop masses. Just the way we like our Katy Perry. Oh by the way, I’ll be seeing KP at the United Center on August 8th with my bestest. Just FYI. Be super jelly. I’ll write about it, I’m totes sure. (Valley girl vernacular FTW.) This is how we do!


Peace out.