The (Movie) Trailer Park: Interstellar

I’ve been waiting too long to write about Christoper Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi drama Interstellar. When I saw the first trailer some months ago, I knew this would be on my short list of fall must-see’s. Now that the movie’s release is just days away, my stance hasn’t changed in the slightest. Watch trailer three with me, friends.

Anne Hathaway Matthew McCounaghey is going to make me cry at some point during this movie. I can feel it coming on already. HE JUST LOOKS SO EMOTIONAL. I CAN SAVE YOU RUSTIN COLE! I SWEAR I CAN! (What is it with me wanting to save these emotionally distraught men lately? First Captain America and now this? I’m weird.)

Matthew-McConaughey Interstellar

I don’t know if this is from Interstellar or True Detective.

-This movie is NOT going to be short. I’ve seen the runtime clocked at a hefty 169 minutes. So maybe no midnight showing for me, hm? Honestly, two hours and forty minutes is a LONG time. I’m also thinking I’ll need comfy pants and a blanket.

-If absolutely nothing else, this flick’s gonna be a stunning visual overload.

-I’m trying to avoid the plot details from any spoilery posts, just because I’m having so much fun not knowing what the hell this movie is about. The astronauts are hoping to find habitable planetoids because Earth is a mess? Also testing out new methods of space travel? Wait, is it the sequel to Event Horizon?

Event Horizon

Wait, no. Don’t be that.

-Is anyone else hankering to see this movie in IMAX, in all its spacious glory? This one of those rare times when I think it would really add to the overall experience. But screw 3D still. For serious.

-Them’s some big waves, brah.

-I’m convinced McCounaghey was born to play a cocky pilot. That Southern drawl fits perfectly. But you know Anne Hathaway ain’t putting up with that. She wants to SAVE ALL THE PEOPLE. She doesn’t have time for glory boy showoffs.

-Hey Michael Caine! Fun fact: If you say “Michael Caine” in Michael Caine’s own English accent, people might think you’re saying “My Cocaine.” Try it. It’s a super fun game.



Interstellar hits theaters this Friday, November 7th.