Episode 066: Backer Than Ever

After losing weeks of shows to technical issues, Joe and Kurt are back! It’s time to talk about this week’s Women’s gauntlet match and the SD triple threat, which finalized the MITB matches. And they introduce a new segment, The Gimmick Market!

Episode 063: The Greatest Backlash

Joe and Kurt are back with a re-preview week! They recap the Greatest Royal Rumble and discuss if it was more than a glorified house show. The their focus is turned to this weekend’s co-branded Backlash PPV.

Episode 062: The Greatest Delayed Episode

After some tech issues, this week’s episode is finally posted! Joe and Kurt whip through the fun of Raw and Smackdown this week, including Shinsuke’s assault on AJ Styles nether-region. And they preview the Greatest Royal Rumble!

Episode 061: Debating the Shakeup

Joe and Kurt are back this week and the Super Shakeup is on their minds. Which brand made out better post-Mania? Raw’s main event is discussed, and Kurt gives a history lesson on Bruno Sammartino.

Episode 060: Holy Hell We’re Tired

Wrestlemania weekend is in the books! Joe and Kurt manage to spend one more night talking about wrestling this week before retiring to comas. They dish their takes on ‘Mania, NXT Takeover, and the fallout on Raw and SD Live. Come. Sit. Listen.

Episode 059: Snippy-Mania

Joe and Kurt are here to preview NXT Takeover: New Orleans and Wrestlemania!!! But can they get through a podcast without arguing over everything? You’ll have to wait until the end to find out.

Episode 058: Are We There Yet?

Joe and Kurt are back for another week of wrasslin’ ridiculousness! They talk Rousey’s mic work and her trip to the ESPN car wash, if Sasha vs Bayley is the best feud in the women’s division, and who the hell Braun’s tag team partner is going to be.

Episode 057: Daniel F’in Bryan

Joe and Kurt lose their minds and their way in a loosey-goosey episode that puts Daniel Bryan’s surprise return front and center. And Kurt takes us back with a slew of Wrestlemania factoids.

Episode 056: Time to Get Back in the Car

Okay, now we’re REALLY on the road to Wrestlemania. The boys recap and grade Fastlane and discuss the resulting fallout from the big six pack challenge. Then they dive into the women’s battle royal name change and fantasy booking Braun vs the Bar.

Episode 055: Roadblocking Fastlane

There’s another WWE PPV upon us! Joe and Kurt eventually preview WWE Fastlane, but they’re held up with more important matters. Like needing to fantasy book the lone remaining MitB briefcase. Or talking about NXT’s new title. Ya know, important stuff.