Episode 176: More Releases and a Watchalong

Joe and Kurt are back this week, diving into the most recent round of NXT cuts. Then they jump into the upcoming Great American Bash and Road Rager events before a watchalong of the 1996 Bash at the Beach opening match!

Episode 174: Wait, MORE Budget Cuts?

Joe and Kurt are back this week, but before they dive into Double or Nothing they need to cover ANOTHER around of WWE budget cuts. And this time is even more confusing than the last round.

Episode 172: Uh, Zombies?

Joe and Kurt are back this week, diving into the news from Wrestlemania Backlash. Then, they discuss all the NXT releases over the past couple days.

Episode 170: Blood and Guts and Crash Pads

Joe and Kurt are back! This week it’s about the Blood and Guts match and all the…blood… and stuff. Then it’s on to NXT and the WWE product with Daniel Bryan’s free agency and the return of a diva.

Episode 169: The TNA Wayback

Joe and Kurt cover the weekend’s action with Impact Rebellion and the “impact” Kennt’s win will have and where the belt collector goes from here! Then, Joe covers his recent viewing of TNA Rebellion from 2012.