Episode 242: Joe Makes a Bet

In this episode, Joe laments the loss of Chelsea Green’s tag team titles. Then he asks Kurt what the heck is going on in NXT with this Dragunov / Ride Holland storyline.


Joe and Kurt are back! This week is all about the AEW Continental Classic, fallout from Full Gear, Survivor Series, and missing the old tag matches it used to feature. And that’s it. There’s nothing else notable to discuss.

Episode 240: Too Much Max?

Joe and Kurt are back, and this show starts off all about this weekend’s Full Gear PPV and the ramifications of the main event. Then it’s onto who the new mystery signing in AEW will be, before talking some WWE Survivor Series War Games matches.

Episode 238: Sting Says the Word

Joe and Kurt are back! This week they discuss the results and fallout of WWE Fastlane, before veering into AEW and Sting’s big announcement. Then it’s about the surprises of the PWI Women’s top 250, and then… NWA news?

Episode 235: CM TKO’D

Joe and Kurt are baaaack. This week, it’s about the WWE-UFC TKO merger and its next steps. Then its onto AEW’s excising of CM Punk before talking other AEW exits and WWE returns! There’s just too much for one synopsis!

Episode 234: GD CM PUNK ALL IN

Joe and Kurt are back, and in a fit of deja vu, are talking about CM Punk in a fight backstage instead of the actual AEW PPV. After that, it’s onto WWE’s Payback and AEW’s All Out this weekend! (Save me from this CM Punk madness.)

Episode 233: Biggest Wrestling Event Ever

With the show starting on a somber note, Joe and Kurt discuss the tragedies of Terry Funk’s passing and the shocking death of Windham Rotunda. Then its back inside the ring to figure out where The Bloodline goes following SummerSlam. Then the boys talk this weekend’s AEW All In Mega-event in Wembley.