Episode 206: Returns and Brackets

Joe and Kurt take time this week to discuss the shock returns in WWE and their WWE Women’s Tag Title tournament, before turning their eyes toward AEW’s returns and their Trios Tag Tournament!

Episode 205: You’re RETIRRRED

Joe and Kurt spend the first chunk of this episode diving into Vince McMahon’s “retirement.” Then they get into SummerSlam and the Raw after before discussing AEW and ROH.

Episode 204: To PG or Not PG

Joe and Kurt are back! This week is discussing the potential impact of WWE switching back to a TV-14 rating. Then it’s onto Death Before Dishonor and Ric Flair’s Last Match!

Episode 202: Whoah There Pal

Joe and Kurt are back! This week the show has to start with the current state of the WWE as it pertains to Vince McMahon’s hush-money allegations. Then after that uncomfortableness, it’s all about this weekend’s AEW Forbidden Door!

Episode 201: Well, That Happened

Joe and Kurt are back! This week is about MJF and you know, everything going on with that whole situation. Then it’s onto this weekend’s NXT In Your House and Hell in a Cell PREMIUM LIVE EVENTS.