NFL News: Tomlin Gets Fined

Mike Tomlin fined $100,000; Draft picks to be surrendered as well?

Obviously the biggest news of the NFL day is the the details surrounding Mike Tomlin’s punishment for stepping in the way of Jacoby Jones’ return during the Steelers’ game on Thanksgiving night. (Still EPIC.)


One more time, just for good measure.

The consequences are severe for Tomlin, with $100,000 to be docked from his paycheck. But it won’t necessarily stop there. The NFL has announced that surrendering a draft pick (picks) could be on the table as well, but that it won’t be decided upon until the 2014 draft order is settled.

The Mostly Average Take:

Almost every pundit and their grossly-misinformed mother came out and scoffed at the notion that the NFL could realistically dock the Steeler organization a draft pick. But with the news that there won’t be a fine for the franchise (at least for now), this would be the only real way to ensure the organization doesn’t get off scot-free either. Usually these types of infractions involving Head Coaches come with fines for both the coach and team. The NFL holds coaches to a very high standard, one that every team needs to recognize as well. And the Steelers are not above reproach, no matter how fucking “storied” and “hallowed” they are.

Tomlin is at least taking his medicine on this issue and won’t appeal the fine. And to that I say:


At least he won’t fight what is an obviously appropriate punishment. (Too many coaches/players fight this crap and make it drag out with appeals. Not Tomlin. He ain’t got time for that.)

As far as the draft pick penalty, it should be something low-ish. It’s not full-on cheating like the Patriots’ “SpyGate” scandal (which included hefty fines againt the Patriots and Belichick as well a first round selection being forfeitted), but it can’t be just some seventh round pick towards the end of the draft either. I’d guess the punishment ends up being either a 5th or 6th round pick, depending on what the specific criteria for the NFL’s post-season judgement happens to be. If that’s the case, then the Steelers should take that pick (in its physical form, duh. I assume they all look like silly stock certificates) and walk it to Baltimore and drop it into Ozzie Newsome’s lap. Yep, the Steelers shoud give up their pick to the Ravens. Or at least swap it, depending on positioning. That’s the way to be fair in this situation. Is it a little extreme? Maybe. But it involves the “integrity of the game” as well as “player safety,” two areas in which Roger Goodell will not abide shenanigans. So he’s dropping the hammer.

Which now means that NO COACH IN THE HISTORY OF EVER will step on the white sidelines and get in the way of any play on the field. (The ref should’ve called a flag too. I hope he gets a crappy grade for that mishap.) Well, at least they’ll know better now.

Where do you stand on the Tomlin discipline? Too heavy? Too light? Just right? Let us know below!