I’m Pretty Sure the Sharknado Just Began on Nantucket Island

Thanks Washington Post, for freaking out the entire eastern seaboard.

Okay, you probably just freaked out the 38 people who saw Sharknado when it aired on Syfy. Anyways…

A five-foot-long dead shark was found at the doorstep of the Sea Dog Brew Pub on Nantucket island. Here’s the photographic proof, taken by owner Jimmy Agnew.

Nantucket Land Shark.JPEG-05d48


Yeah, ’cause that’s not a sign of the impending apocalypse or anything. It’s clearly a young super-shark, like we saw in the classic Syfy original, SuperShark. It must be bullet-proof and has the ability to walk on land. Quick, we need a tank with jointed legs and a bomb to shove in the shark’s mouth! (In this case, a small firework likely would have sufficed.)

What do we do now? Scrounge up all the canned goods and sandbags you can… and then sell them for $50 a pop. Capitalism baby!

And if all these shark references weren’t doing it for you, Shark Week starts this weekend on Discovery Channel. The finning has only begun!