Edgar Wright Teases Ant-Man on Twitter

We’ve got a picture y’all! After wrapping all of his promotional duties for his last film This is the End, director Edgar Wright took to the webs today to tantalizingly tease us with this image of what we clearly surmise is prep work for motha-f*ckin’ Ant-Man.

Ant Man


It’s definitely just effects and costume-driven screen testing, but it’s great to see the tiny hero in pre-production. What little there is to see of the outfit is likely very early in the design process, so nothing we’ll see soon will be the final product. Still. Looks like some leather action. Badass,

Aside from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man is the Marvel property that’s taking the most risk. (Until we hear of the inevitable Dr. Strange flick.) I mean, there’s a lot of history with the character, but MAN is most of it convoluted. I mean, he’s Ant-Man, Giant-Man, AND Yellowjacket. (And Goliath too.) But that’s only Hank Pym! This movie will be about Scott Lang, the former thief-turned spy! I’m thrilled to get more obscure(ish) titles under the Marvel motion picture umbrella, and we’re off to a fun-size start! (God I hope it’s good.) I’m going through Marvel movie withdrawal, so Thor: The Dark World can’t get here soon enough. But we know this is at least down the pipeline!

Ant-Man is scheduled for a 2015 release and is reported as the first movie in Marvel’s Phase 3 line-up.

Judge Nerdd has spoken! I AM DA LAW!