Chicago Bears 2014 Schedule Preview GIF-plosion

So maybe you missed that the 2014 NFL schedule was released just a few weeks ago. Maybe you’re in an NFL hibernation period and are focused on one of those other sports. Or maybe you’re just like a lot of fans who use their spring and summer periods to do things aside from pay attention to football news. (Slackers!) In any case, the schedules are here.

There’s always way too much analysis of these pre-draft schedule releases, which is just confusing. Why the hell would I predict a team’s record now, when I don’t even know the entire roster? I’d only be forced to adjust it following the draft, and even then it’s not logical to make predictions. Anyways, Bear fans should at least be cognizant of the schedule as long as they don’t use it to jump to silly conclusions. (Someone already told me he sees 12-4 in this schedule. For realz.) But unlike most of my posts, I’m not going to word you to death here. Instead, it’s time for a GIF-plosion of immense proportions!

Bears Gifplosion

That text has a shadow! I’m like, clearly the best at design.

Below is the schedule broken down by week, which also takes into account the time/day of each game. (Obviously not accounting for possible flexes in later weeks.) There are barely any words to be read, only GIF’s that capture my probable emotional state before/during/after said game. A few have captions… but most are self-explanatory. Have at it!

Week 1

Home vs Buffalo Bills (Noon)



Week 2

At San Francisco 49ers (SNF)

Louis Ordeal

Week 3

At New York Jets (MNF)


I hope we see Geno SO bad.

Week 4

Home vs Green Bay (Noon)

Cap Yeesh

Week 5

At Carolina Panthers (Noon)

Spears Yikes

Week 6

At Atlanta Falcons (Noon)

Joff Shrug

Week 7

Home vs Miami Dolphins (Noon)

It's just the Dolphins.

It’s just the Dolphins.

Week 8

At New England Patriots (Noon)

Spider Danger

Week 9


I need to sleep

Week 10

At Green Bay Packers (Noon)


Week 11

Home vs Minnesota Vikings (Noon)

The second of back-to-back games against teams after their bye weeks?

Who Says Life is Fair

Week 12

Home vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Noon)


Lovie Smith’s theme song for the week.

Week 13

At Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

Food Coma

Food coma.

Week 14

Home vs Dallas Cowboys (TNF)


Week 15

Home vs New Orleans Saints (MNF)

Norton Nap

Week 16

Home vs Detroit Lions (Noon)


Week 17

At Minnesota Vikings (Noon)

Wiig Drinking


And I’ve already managed to depress myself. Who thought this post was a good idea?


Keep checking back this week for more NFL posts, including coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft!