Batman vs. Superman Has an Officially Awkward Title

So just last week when Zack Snyder dropped a bat-bomb on us, we still knew the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel as Batman vs. Superman. Well, today we got some clarification on that front as well, thanks to the official website from Warner Brothers.

The official title is….

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


…Okay. Cool logo, brah. But let’s talk about that title for a second.

-It’s already being mentioned, but this is how a lawsuit or court proceeding reads. Superman is apparently a defendant in his own sequel… against Batman. That can only end well. Maybe Diana Prince is a hot-shot lawyer, defending Supes in the trial stemming from his involvement in the mass destruction of Metropolis? Nah… too easy. Most likely WB just wanted to avoid the “vs,” which is SO mainstream. Hipsters.

-So… WB’s being pretty heavy-handed with this Justice League tease. This really does remind me of those classic 60’s and 70’s story titles in comic books, when every issue had some double entendre featured in its title card. But it does apply, as we’re certainly getting Wonder Woman (or some form of her) and Cyborg (ditto) in this flick. And it’s already been announced as the lead-in to the official Justice League movie, so did they need to bash us over the head with that? How about World’s Finest? No? Fine. I’ll just go sulk in a corner now.

-Superman isn’t getting top billing in what is supposed to be his sequel. Effing Batman. Always ganking that spotlight. Let’s just cut Supes a break!

The Sentencing

Personally, it’s a mouthful. I think I’m just gonna call this BvS from now on. That being said, I give zero fucks about this title. All I care about is that Warner Bros doesn’t screw this up with a bunch of ridiculously coinciding plotlines that majorly skew characters.

I also care about a blue and gray Batman.

And a badass Wonder Woman.

That’s all I’ve got. What do you think of the title? Yay or nay?

Nerdd Judgement rendered. I AM DA LAW!