2014 Preseason Review: Bears 20, Jaguars 19

Man, I had forgotten how tired I get on weeknights while sitting in front of three hours of football. Luckily, it was a preseason game, so I didn’t miss anything vital in that two minutes I was dozing as the game ended. But I did see enough to post a review this morning! So let’s get to what you came here for, the snarky football analysis!

(2-0)* Chicago Bears 20
(1-1)* Jacksonville Jaguars 19

*Still meaningless.

-It wasn’t exactly a great showing from the first team units, but let’s face it, how “UP” were they for the Jacksonville Jaguars in a preseason game? The offense found its rhythm eventually, leading to a sexy scoring drive in the second quarter. The defense was on the field quite a bit in that first quarter though, so there are some lingering questions about their ability to get off the field on third down.

Gunn Concerned

-Unfortunately, the Bears didn’t meet their number one goal for this preseason game (which is the same as every other team’s): get out healthy. First round pick Kyle Fuller went down with an ankle injury, hampering his ability to continue what has been a reportedly impressive camp. X-rays were negative, according to the Sun-Times.

-And in what is a ugly blow to the Bears’ tight end depth, a foot injury to Zach Miller required his being carted off the field Thursday night. He did receive x-rays, but word is we’ll hear more on Friday as to the severity. Just FYI, no one is expecting good news here. If he’s out for an extended period of time, he’ll at least go on the PUP list, if not injured reserve.

-That third receiver slot probably should go to either Morgan Spurlock or Josh Morgan. While Josh was with the Washington Offensive Names, he was a viable receiving threat. He’s only two years removed from catching 48 balls from RG3, so we know he can play still. Spurlock comes with the added benefit of his return ability, something that I’d like to have in case something happens to Eric Weems. Ya know, something like age.

-Linebackers Jon Bostic and Shea McClellin stayed in the game into the third quarter, because let’s be honest, they need the reps. Bostic will likely start the year behind D.J Williams, so he needs all the MLB time he can get right now. And Shea will be a starting linebacker for this team, so why take him out with the other first teamers when he’s nowhere near ready for the regular season? It’s a smart move by Trestman to give these two key (but young) defenders game action.

You should all be proud of me. I didn’t go over 500 words writing about a preseason game.

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Thanks Tom. It means a lot.

More NFL coverage on the horizon! In-depth Bear previews and predictions for all 32 teams are inbound! (When I can get a freaking day to write all of them.)

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