2014 Preseason Preview: Bears at Seahawks

Here it is. The most nearest-to-real fake football game of the preseason. The Bears head up to the Pacific Northwest Friday night for a late slugfest with the Super Bowl champions in their “dress rehearsal” for the regular season. Time to break it down, yo!

(2-0) Chicago Bears at
(1-1) Seattle Seahawks

-First of all, this is the best kind of preseason game. It’s against viable competition that can really put your various units to the test. There’s no “game-planning” for your opponent during the preseason, as these games are just about getting your players in their right positions for game-action. But I’m not going to lie and tell you this isn’t an early barometer for how the Bears could stack up against the best of the NFC. If Chicago comes out and faceplants against the Champs, then they clearly have work to do. Holding their own, talent-on-talent, would be a solid warm-up to the regular season.

Not that kind of warm-up.

Not that kind of warm-up.

-Remember when I said Santonio Holmes was getting a look at wide receiver, but likely wasn’t going to be signed? Yeah. That last part was wrong. After seeing his options at wide-out after Marshall and Jeffery, Phil Emery brought in the former Steeler and Jet on a one-year, fully non-guaranteed contract. Holmes will have only been practicing for a short time, so he may not see a lot of action in Friday night’s game. Josh Morgan will have a shot to impress the coaching staff though, as he’ll be the number three wideout on the depth chart.

-Tonight Jordan Palmer will be playing with the second unit, following up last week’s game when Jimmy Clausen got the nod. These next two games will go a long way in determining the Bears’ back-up for the season, so keep an eye on how well each of them can perform against Seattle’s defensive packages. Palmer will be in after Cutty heads out, and Clausen will get fourth quarter reps if all things go as planned.


-What the hell is going on with the return game? Eric Weems was unceremoniously cut, leaving a job opening for whoever wants to earn it. Michael Spurlock has first crack at punts and kickoffs tonight, but Chris Williams and the aforementioned Holmes should also be in consideration for the role. Special teams coach Joe DiCamillis can’t be happy with what he’s seen out of his unit so far in the preseason, so there’s a need for positive plays tonight.

And if you don’t mind, I’ve got a Comic Con to prepare for! I’ll be busy shuffling my way through tight booths and sweaty nerd-kin, so wish me luck on a safe return! I may be tweeting during the game tonight, but it’s more likely that I’ll DVR it and catch up with it over the weekend. Enjoy the man-candy in tight pants!